How to make CSS background color transparent

To set transparent background color you can use rgba color

Ways to set transparent background color in CSS

  • ¬† ¬† Using background color to Set Transparent Background Color in CSS
  • ¬† Using Opacity Property to Set Transparent Background Color in CSS
    .bg {opacity : 0.2}
background red
background-image url(“)

¬†Setting a CSS background color to transparent means that the element’s background will be see-through, allowing the content behind it to be visible.

To set a CSS background color to transparent, you can use the rgba() or hsla() color functions, and specify an alpha value (the last value) of 0, which represents fully transparent. Here’s an example:

 background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0); /* white with 0% opacity*/

In the example above, the background color is set to white, but the alpha value is 0, making it fully transparent. You can replace the color values with any valid color code, such as hex or color name.

You can also use the transparent keyword to set the background color to fully transparent, like this:

background-color: transparent;

In this case, the keyword transparent is used instead of a color value. This will make the element’s background fully transparent.

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