How I became a frontend developer with no coding idea till 3rd year in BTech πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Becoming a frontend developer is an exciting journey, and everyone’s path is unique.

πŸš€ My journey to becoming a front-end developer was a thrilling adventure filled with curiosity, challenges, and a passion for creating visually appealing and interactive websites.

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How it started!

It all began during my college years when I stumbled upon the world of web development. At that time, coding seemed like an impenetrable fortress, and I had zero programming experience. Undeterred, I decided to embark on a self-learning journey.

Initial days of frontend development learning

🌟I started by acquainting myself with the basics of HTML and CSS. Online tutorials and interactive platforms became my companions, guiding me through the fundamentals of structuring web content and styling it to make it visually appealing. As I built my first simple web pages, a sense of accomplishment fueled my determination to delve deeper.

how to be a frontend developer even if you have no coding skill yet

🌟Next on the list was JavaScript. It was the game-changer that brought interactivity and dynamism to my projects. Understanding concepts like variables, loops, and functions opened up a whole new dimension in my coding journey. I spent countless hours experimenting, debugging, and gradually mastering the art of frontend scripting.

🌟To solidify my skills, I took on real-world projects. The satisfaction of seeing my code come to life and creating seamless user experiences fueled my passion further. I also actively engaged with the developer community, seeking advice, sharing experiences, and learning from others.

🌟Throughout this process, there were moments of frustration and doubt, but they were essential components of the learning curve. Every bug I encountered became a puzzle to solve, reinforcing my problem-solving skills.

My first job as a frontend developer

I cracked my first job as a frontend developer in a product-based company in Gurgaon which was edtech with a CTC of 3.4 LPA. There I worked for 1.8 years and learned a lot as it was a startup I got to learn many things not only frontend but also SEO and marketing and other skills.

🌟By the time I reached the end of my learning journey, I could confidently call myself a frontend developer. The transition from a novice to a creator of visually stunning and interactive websites was immensely gratifying.

🌟In retrospect, the key to my success was perseverance, a genuine love for coding, and a willingness to embrace the challenges that came my way. Becoming a frontend developer is not just about learning a skill; it’s a continuous journey of exploration and growth in the dynamic world of web development.

Some of my tips for new frontend devs

As I had made myself a self-taught frontend developer. I would like to give you some tips if you are planning to be a front-end developer.

  • Start learning as early as possible
  • Keep doing exercise with increasing complexity level
  • Dont stay always on basic designs and layouts
  • Once you learn HTML and css skills start to focus on optimization.

All The best for your journey as a frontend developer πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

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